Shower door Glass and installation

Why there is a need to have shower doors?

Here we are trying to explain the details, go over the specs, different types of, and the significant on designing shower doors.

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Tabletops, Shelves and Decorative Glass

Choose 7Glass for a wide variety of glass repair and replacement service around your home. The use of glass is widespread and 7Glass specializes in replacing the broken glass you thought you would not be able to find.

Glass Table Tops

Choose from glass thicknesses from ¼” to ¾” to protect the finish on wood furniture or to create your own custom glass table. A variety of colors including bronze and gray complement our standard clear glass. 7-Glass can cut the glass to nearly any size or shape to meet your design and functional needs.

Glass Shelves

Glass shelves make a beautiful accent to any bathroom, family room or kitchen. 7Glass offers custom glass shelves in a range of thicknesses and edgework. In addition, there are many hardware options available to match your existing décor. We can install it for you or sell you the materials for a “do-it-yourself” project.

Custom Polished and Beveled Edgework

Choose from a variety of edgework to meet any design or functional need. Standard options include a high polished edge, beveled edges from ½” – 1-½”. Custom edging options include Ogee, Barked, and Triple Pencil Polished.

Painted Glass

Painted glass has been popular in Europe for many years and is now gaining popularity with American consumers in kitchens and bathrooms. One side of the glass has a long-lasting paint and the other side is left unpainted. Painted glass is practical for kitchen or bathroom backsplashes, wet bars, dining areas and other wet or high-moisture areas. Non-porous glass is easy to clean and more hygienic compared to other products and provides a modern look that reflects light.

Glass Countertops and Standoffs

Glass makes an excellent addition to your existing kitchen area. You can add more space to your cluttered kitchen counter by using a stand-off glass system to add a place for keys, books, papers, etc. Glass provides a sleek look which does not detract from your existing investment in countertop.

Fireplace Glass

Glass doors in front of your fireplace or stove improve the energy efficiency of the system. The best option for glass in your fireplace is not glass at all, but PyroCeram® which is a highly transparent ceramic having virtually zero thermal expansion. Over long periods of time, PyroCeram® can withstand temperatures of over 1200 degrees Fahrenheit.

Decorative Cabinet Glass

A wide range of decorative glass for kitchen cabinets and furniture is available from 7Glass to meet your design goals. Some of the most popular styles include: Light Restoration Glass, Clear Antique 75, Seeded Marine, and many others.

Bent and Curved Glass

Curved glass has been popular in furniture as long as it has been available. While this is a custom product, 7Glass can get you the right fit to match most furniture. You should bring the piece of furniture to your nearest service center to ensure an accurate measurement.

Home Window Repair & Replacement


Accidents happen. When they happen at home and involve glass, contact your nearest 7Glass Team for service and window repair of most types of residential windows, patio doors, single pane windows, storm windows and storm doors.

Learn More About our Repair & Replacement Services

Because we know not all homes are the same, we can fix any number of glass surfaces, including:

Insulated (double-pane) Window Glass Replacement

7Glass can repair or replace any type of insulated glass.

Single Pane Glass Replacement or Repair

Your 7Glass Service Team can repair or replace the single pane windows either on-site at your house or in our fully-equipped Service Centers.

No matter what style of window you want to replace — double-hung windows, casement windows, bay windows, fixed windows or patio doors — your Service Team at 7Glass can help you choose the best combination of features and price to meet your window and patio door replacement needs.

Vinyl Replacement Windows

Vinyl replacement windows are a good choice for an economical way to replace your old windows. Vinyl does not require any painting or staining, it is extremely durable, and comes in a variety of styles.

Full-frame Window Replacement

If you are looking for a more complete solution to your replacement window project, 7Glass can install full-frame replacement windows. In this case, the entire window, jambs, trim, etc. are removed and a new window installed. Full-Frame replacement can be more expensive, but is well-suited for certain custom installations.


At 7Glass, we use our industry knowledge to place your concerns above ours. We’ll assess whatever damage or inconsistency you find in your window and act promptly to reach a solution

Custom Mirror

Allowing us to see our reflections, mirrors serve as decorative items in our homes and business to not only beautiful a room, but also to reflect the light and make rooms appear larger.

The effect can be dramatic and a variety of custom-cut, beveled and framed mirrors are available to meet your budget, timeline and taste. Stop by the 7Glass service center nearest you to learn more about our broad range of mirrored products.

Click here to request more information about our custom mirrors or to request a quote.

Custom Cut Mirrors

Each 7Glass location stocks a range of mirror sheets which can be cut and installed by our experts to meet your functional and stylistic needs. Whether it is a vanity mirror for your bathroom or an oversize mirror for your formal dining room, 7-Glass has the solution. It’s not just squares and rectangles that we offer; our experts can cut a wide range of curved and pattern mirror shapes as well.

Beveled Mirrors

Perfect as a Vanity Bathroom mirror or other applications where the “frame” of the bevel adds elegance and style to the mirror. 7-Glass stocks a wide range of standard-size, rectangular, beveled mirrors including: 24 x 36, 36 x 48, or 36 x 60. In addition, oval and circle-shaped styles are available to meet your needs or order a custom-sized beveled mirror. Even existing mirrors can be “upgraded” by adding mirrored bevel strips (2”, 3”, or 4” wide) or decorative corners.

Framed Mirrors

7Glass is proud to offer a wide range of high-quality framed mirrors from one of the leading American companies in the field. Your options are only limited by the creativity of your design. Framed mirrors are a perfect complement to any room in your house.

Mirror Walls, Doors and Medicine Cabinets

If you have an exercise room, dance studio, or other room which needs large mirrors on the walls, 7Glass can help! Our experts can deliver and install custom mirror wall systems which exceed your needs and come complete with the finishing touches you expect. Mirrored bevel strips can be added as a style statement and mirrored cover plates ensure that outlets and switches blend into the mirror. 7Glass can furnish and install door mirrors and medicine cabinets.

Mirror Etching

Click here to learn more about our how 7Glass can etch your design onto a beautiful mirror.

Mirror Mounting Hardware Options

Selecting the right mounting system to install your mirror is important. The number of hardware options has increased greatly in recent years and there are a variety of styles from traditional to modern in look and economy to expensive in price.

Glass wall and partition

This is a list of frequently requested custom commercial glass products, but please contact your nearest service center if you don’t see what you need.


Custom Mirrors – whether it is behind a bar at a restaurant, vanity mirrors in the restrooms, or your logo etched on a mirror in your lobby, custom mirrors can provide an elegant way to provide light to any business environment. Because we cut our own mirror and glass to suit your needs, the only limit to what we can do is your imagination.

Glass Shelves

glass shelves make a beautiful accent to any bathroom, family room or kitchen. 7Glass offers custom glass shelves in a range of thicknesses and edgework. In addition, there are many hardware options available to match your existing décor. We can install it for you or sell you the materials for a “do-it-yourself” project.


Sneeze Guards – Restaurant and food service managers can count on 7Glass to design, install and service sneeze guards for their facilities. A combination of aluminum or brass framing and clear safety glass can be used to create nearly any size or configuration of sneeze guard installation. Also, your 7Glass Service Team can repair or replace damaged glass to reduce the down-time at your facility.

Drive Thru Windows

7Glass can supply and install most types of drive thru windows you need for your restaurant, bank or other drive thru location. Select from a variety of styles such as single sliders, double sliders, bump out windows and many more. Most styles come with ¼” thick safety glass and high-quality anodized aluminum in many colors.

Retractable Screens

retractable screens offer a unique and effective solution for restaurants which need a screen door in their kitchen. Screen doors sometimes don’t close completely allowing for the intrusion of outside elements, but adding a retractable screen to your kitchen allows natural air ventilation with a tight seal. Because of the “break-away” nature of the screen system, there are no problems with safety egress in case of an emergency. Call your local 7Glass Team Member to learn more about this practical and useful application.


Office Window Sliders

7Glass can design, build and install a wide range of “showcase sliders” which are sliding glass windows that typically divide a waiting room from an office. These simple, yet highly-functional products help to make private conversations in a doctor’s office stay private. Showcase sliders are available in a range of sizes, metal finishes and glass styles to meet your needs.

Painted Glass or Mirror Back-splashes

glass is a hygienic, safe and stylish material to use for a back splash in any setting. Glass is very easy to clean and keep free of germs. Painted glass comes in a variety of colors and is easy to install.


Fire-Rated Glass

more and more, new building codes across the country are specifying fire-rated glass for applications in public buildings, especially schools. These specifications require glass with a combination of fire protection, impact resistance, hose stream testing and other specific properties. 7Glass’ experts can help you choose the right product for your application.

Impact-Rated Glass

if you live in a coastal area, consider hurricane-resistant or impact-resistant glass for your next new construction or renovation project. 7Glass knows about serving coastal areas of the Mid-Atlantic region. This custom product utilizes a special type of glass combining heat-strengthened glass that is laminated. It can be configured as a single lite of glass or as an insulated unit. Impact-rated glass must always be installed in to an impact-rated system including the framing, doors, etc.

Commercial Storefront

Your local 7Glass Service Team can assist with your commercial storefront and window projects whether it’s a new construction, renovation or retrofit project.

We specialize in working on projects that need to be completed quickly while working directly for the property owner or management.

Reasons to call 7Glass:

Over 17 years of experience in specifying, estimated and managing commercial glazing projects.

Experience with a variety of storefront systems and manufacturers including hurricane resistant ocean-side projects.

Our commercial projects have included custom glass fabrication and installation in office establishments, retail outlets, school & university facilities, churches and restaurants.