Allowing us to see our reflections, mirrors serve as decorative items in our homes and business to not only beautiful a room, but also to reflect the light and make rooms appear larger.

The effect can be dramatic and a variety of custom-cut, beveled and framed mirrors are available to meet your budget, timeline and taste. Stop by the 7Glass service center nearest you to learn more about our broad range of mirrored products.

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Custom Cut Mirrors

Each 7Glass location stocks a range of mirror sheets which can be cut and installed by our experts to meet your functional and stylistic needs. Whether it is a vanity mirror for your bathroom or an oversize mirror for your formal dining room, 7-Glass has the solution. It’s not just squares and rectangles that we offer; our experts can cut a wide range of curved and pattern mirror shapes as well.

Beveled Mirrors

Perfect as a Vanity Bathroom mirror or other applications where the “frame” of the bevel adds elegance and style to the mirror. 7-Glass stocks a wide range of standard-size, rectangular, beveled mirrors including: 24 x 36, 36 x 48, or 36 x 60. In addition, oval and circle-shaped styles are available to meet your needs or order a custom-sized beveled mirror. Even existing mirrors can be “upgraded” by adding mirrored bevel strips (2”, 3”, or 4” wide) or decorative corners.

Framed Mirrors

7Glass is proud to offer a wide range of high-quality framed mirrors from one of the leading American companies in the field. Your options are only limited by the creativity of your design. Framed mirrors are a perfect complement to any room in your house.

Mirror Walls, Doors and Medicine Cabinets

If you have an exercise room, dance studio, or other room which needs large mirrors on the walls, 7Glass can help! Our experts can deliver and install custom mirror wall systems which exceed your needs and come complete with the finishing touches you expect. Mirrored bevel strips can be added as a style statement and mirrored cover plates ensure that outlets and switches blend into the mirror. 7Glass can furnish and install door mirrors and medicine cabinets.

Mirror Etching

Click here to learn more about our how 7Glass can etch your design onto a beautiful mirror.

Mirror Mounting Hardware Options

Selecting the right mounting system to install your mirror is important. The number of hardware options has increased greatly in recent years and there are a variety of styles from traditional to modern in look and economy to expensive in price.

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