Window Types & Styles:

On the following, you will find a simplified introduction on some of the main window frames and styles that are commonly used on both residential and commercial buildings.

1-Sliding Window:

One of the most popular and commonly used Window Types is Sliding Windows. Opens and closes with almost no need to have a space on either side of it, for the opening part slides on the fixed side. It consists of a fixed panel and a sliding panel that come typically identical in size. It however can be ordered and designed with two different sizes based on customer’s request.

Window Types- Sliding window
Window Types- Sliding Window

2-Picture Window:

Just like the name implies, this window does not have an opening section and is designed mostly for sections of buildings that have views and beautiful landscapes. These windows generally come with bigger dimensions to give wider visibility and finer picture view of landscapes.

 Window Types-  Picture Window
Window Types- Picture Window

3-Single Hung Window:

This type of window typically is ordered and designed for narrower openings. The width of the window is usually smaller than its height and consists of a fixed part commonly placed on the top and the sliding part that opens and closes vertically at the bottom.

  Window Types- Single Hung Window
Window Types- Single Hung Window

4-Double Hung Window:

These windows are systematically similar to Single Hung Windows except that both the upper and lower parts are movable. For cleaning purposes, they are easily reachable from inside the building, and because they have more hardware, they are a little more expensive compared to Single Hung.

 Window Types-  Double Hung Window
Window Types- Double Hung Window

5-Awning Window:

In this window types, the opening part does not typically open thoroughly. The hinges are mounted on top and the window opens tilted outward with an angle. This kind of window is commonly used in Europe and in also places where there is high rainfall, because when the window opens, it acts as a canopy and prevents raindrops from entering the house.

 Window Types-  Awning Window
Window Types- Awning Window

6-Casement Window:

These windows open on the adjacent side – either to the right or left. And, where we have a large opening for a window, we can either use a fixed part along with an opening part, or two casement windows that open on opposite directions.                                                                                                  

 Window -  Casement Window
Window – Casement Window

7-Arched Window:

This type of window comes with a bow shape trim on the top and typically comes with Picture format. But, they can also be designed and divided in two identical sides that can be opened. The purpose of this window, style is mostly cosmetic and is offered for their exterior beauty in particular architectures.

Window – Arched Window

8-Bow Window:

This window types consists of several windows that form a semicircular format together on the top and is typically more expensive than other styles.

Window Types- Bow Window

9-Garden Window:

Garden Windows protrude from the building’s façade. They come in different formats and are commonly used on small greenhouses.

Window Types- Garden Window

10-Bay Window:

This window style consists of three sections – The middle section in most cases is larger than two side ones and are designed with often 45 degree angle to the middle window.

Window Types- Bay Window

11-Egress Window:

In this style of window, we must have a large opening section that opens thoroughly and allows human passing through. We must have at least one Egress Window in basements. The main purpose of this type of window is to allow emergency exits such as fire, earthquake, etc.

Window Types- Egress Window

12-Skylight Window:

This window style is designed and installed on roof to allow natural and sun light through the building. With Skylight Windows you would have a natural light and beautiful warmth through the building, and they make a homier environment within your living areas.

Window types- Skylight Window

13-Block Glass Window:

This window style is in fact an old design where one wants more privacy. It can come with almost all designs and formats.

Window types- Block Glass Window

14-Storm Window:

This window style is used to better insulate other windows especially in places that have harsher winters. In other words, it actually acts like an outer layer on other windows.

Window types- Storm Window

15-Hopper Window:

This window type is very much like Awning Windows, except that they open toward inside. They are typically designed and installed in places where we have smaller space such as bathrooms and basement rooms.

Window types- Hopper Window

16-Transom Window:

This window type is designed for decorative purposes and are usually mounted above doors. They come in all shapes and are typically offered with Picture Window format.

Window types- Transom Window

17-Jalousie Window:

Jalousie or Louvre Window is a window that consists of parallel glass, acrylic, or wooden louvers set in a frame. The louvers are locked together onto a track, so that they may be tilted open and shut in unison, to control airflow through the window. These windows, like window shades, can be opened and cause a lot of air to enter the house and they are also used in greenhouses.

Window types- Jalousie Window

18-Round Circle Window:

As the name implies, these windows are spherical or oval in shape, resembling an ancient architecture, and are usually installed at the highest point of the building’s facade.

Window types- Round Circle Window

19-Shape Window:

These windows are geometric and most commonly trapezoidal in shape. They don’t come as common as other types and shapes and are more recommended for places with restrictions on design and installation. Shape Windows come typically with Fixed Format.

Window types- Shape Window

20-Storefront Window:

Store Front Window Formats come mainly for commercial purposes on shops, business buildings, high-rises, etc. Frames are almost always aluminum with variety of anodized colors, and versatile styles. They are also most of the times in square or rectangular shape.

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